Concepts and ideas enlivened into reality.


We dare to dream with ideas that intrigue.


Distinctive venues that stand out as one-of-a-kind destination.

About Us

We create timeless concepts. Boutique Bars is a visionary quest to highlight the uniqueness of nightlife destinations, where the experience is immersive from design to ambiance.

We are an International hospitality group specializing in the development of one-of-a-kind, immersive nightlife experiences to metropolitan cities around the World. Established and realized by Sandeep Sekhri in collaboration with International-renowned design maverick Ashley Sutton, Boutique Bars develops hospitality concepts – crafting food and beverage experiences from the ground up.

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Ashley Sutton

The Genius

Sutton’s creative spirit lends inspiration from nature. His cutting edge designs are enhanced by bespoke details that break barriers in both the design industry and the world of mixology.

Originated from Fremantle, Western Australia, Ashley Sutton grew up surrounded by nature. His vivid imaginations transformed into story books, a worldwide bestseller. Facilities his journey to pursue designs, imaginative designs with meticulous details and highly-complex story narrative that can be reinterpreted into venues to marvel at, as Sutton’s vision is realised to real life into his concepts such as Iron Fairies, Dear Lilly, Maggie Choo’s, Ophelia and Dragonfly.

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Sandeep Sekhri

Chief Enabler

Sandeep Sekhri is a renowned figure in Hong Kong’s hospitality scene 1990, with the extensive restaurant and bar industry experience.

Sandeep Sekhri is a pioneering authority figure in Hong Kong’s hospitality scene since 1990, with extensive restaurant and bar industry experience. In 2002 Sekhri launched Dining Concepts, a premier restaurant group in Hong Kong and in 2016 Sekhri led the restaurant group to public listing. Sekhri also developed strong collaborations with internationally-renowned chefs and culinary masters including Gordon Ramsay, Enrico Bartolini, Greg Malouf and Laurent Tourondel.

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Sandeep Sekhri renowed restaurateur
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The uniqueness of
nightlife destination



The uniqueness of BOUTIQUE BARS its as its title suggests, the ‘boutique’ element encompasses bespoke and one-of-a-kind designs for each space, tailor-made to fit the concept and embrace creativity to shine throughout.

In the competitive bar industry, BOUTIQUE BARS is not driven by trends and fads that diminish in time, its own time-honoured dedication, original vision and phenomenal design are testaments to the successes BOUTIQUE BARS create. It is not only about building a business that succeeds, but a mission to build a wave of artistic craft that can influence generations of bars to come.

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